Spring Campaigning

The Spring/Summer 2013 Campaigns are rolling in…

The link between all of them is how dissimilar they seem to be! They emulate perfectly the way fashion seems to be heading at the moment… in no single straightforward direction.

The trend is that there is no trend, as seen from the varied collections themselves, which makes it so much more fun to plan your wardrobe (although the actual choosing process may be a tad more difficult!).

I love trying to figure out the inspiration and ideas behind the photos that the designers try to emulate – they often come up with quite imaginative scenarios. Speaking of which… check back soon for the Chanel campaign (of course I hadn’t forgotten about Karl!), there’s a surprising background story which comes along with it…

Here are some of my favourites so far, including Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Prada, and Raf Simons’ first RTW campaign for Dior. Click through the images to see them full sized.

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