Designers to Know: Isa Arfen by Serafina Sama

Asymmetrical silhouettes & knock-out embellishments, Serafina – a Central Saint Martin’s graduate – couples traditional Italian design aesthetic (having grown up in Ravenna) with the quirky playfulness found in London.

A sense of stylish non-chalance anyone?

Each look is statement-making and unique, yet subtle and oh-so easy to wear at the same time with its streamline cuts and pastel hues. On my wish-list is.. every.single.look. (but I mean, how could you choose?!)

Serafina’s inspirations come from London, stating she can find inspirations around every corner – which is believable as London has so much to offer:  exhibitions, libraries, vintage markets, people on the street (to name a few!). Although London has had a great influence on her development as a designer, she told Elle magazine (where I first found & immediately fell in love with Isa Arfen) that growing up in Ravenna, Italy, surrounded byreally strong female figures, with very eclectic personal styles” will always be reflected in her design aesthetic.

The Isa Arfen girl: a real womansophisticatedconfident but without craving attention. Someone who is passionate about clothes and likes to have fun with them. — I don’t know about you, but that has a certain ring to it, no?

The clean shapes in contrasting proportions, high waists, cropped tops, oversize coats, embellishments & the overall luxe-appeal of every put together look just makes you want to get your hands on these clothes right now and wear them stark in the middle of freezing winter

Opening Ceremony and are stocking them for Spring, go go go!

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