Shoe-a-holics Anonymous

An outfit will never be complete without the essential shoe. No wait, let’s refine that and say HEEL.

A few seasons ago, heels took a back seat to the emergence of (and it kills me to say…) flats. However, the industry realised their ridiculous mistake and in the wake of the recession, brought out the big guns to symbolise the strong & empowered woman. Wedges, Stilettos, Blocks, Courts, Blades, Platforms (kitten heels do not count!), the list goes on — they instantly transform any look and can be the difference between a trying-to-be-trendy-but-isn’t Day outfit and a lookout-she’s-a-bombshell Evening outfit.

Apart from having your legs look like they go on for miles (and with the midi-maxi trends.. seemingly mile-long legs are essential), they are the epitome of sexiness, improve posture, and accentuate curves — what more could you want?

Indispensable to those who aren’t graced with the gift of height – like myself – heels are the ultimate girl’s best friend (you can always have diamond-encrusted heels don’t worry!). So grab your Manolos, Louboutins, Atwoods, and Choos and embrace the pain because heels are back – and they’re only getting higher.

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